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Promote your success

Easily promote your Certification 

Upon passing the exam and gaining Certified File Transfer Professional status, we want to make it easy to share your achievements with peers, potential employers and to your connections. We have therefore created a digital credential to enable you to promote your success.


Step 1 – Receive your digital credential

We will send you an e-mail from like the one below. This e-mail gives you options to promote your certification

Step 2 – Share on Social Media

Click on the Social Media of your choice. We suggest this works best on LinkedIn being a Professional Network. You will find a default share status ready for you to edit and personalise.
Once personalised click share to promote your new acrediation with your network.

Step 3 – Update your accomplishements on your profile

On your Linkedin profile page, scroll down to the bottom where the Accomplishments section is. (If you cannot see this, look on the right-hand side of your profile page and “Add profile section” selecting Accomplishments and then Certifications). 
Click the + button to add the CFTP Certification. You will be asked to fill in some criteria.
The Certification name = Certified File Transfer Professional (CFTP)

Certification Authority = Pro2col (Our company should come up to select)

The Certification URL to use =

Click save and it will be added to your profile.

Step 4 – Download the digital credential badge

You can also download the CFTP badge to use on email signatures, business cards etc.. by clicking download in the email you receive. You will be forwarded to the digital credential and be able to save it ready for you to use . 
If you need help please email

Step 5 – Create a digital credential profile or move it to an existing one

The email will also prompt you to create a Digital Credential profile with Badgr. Once created you can continue to add credentials to this profile or move your credentials to another profile you use

(That means the badges issued from within Badgr may be moved to or displayed within any other application that understands Open Badges. Users who have earned Open Badges anywhere else on the web can import them into Badgr and build a unified collection of their accomplishments, no matter where they were earned or vice versa).